The Georgetown Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Resources (from 2003-2011 the Gervase Programs) assists undergraduates pursuing academic excellence in individual ways that supplement course curricula and requirements. It serves two principal functions.

GOFAR oversees the Carroll Fellows Initiative (CFI), Georgetown's flagship program for its most academically talented and ambitious undergraduates. Ordinarily limited to no more than 2% of each entering class, the CFI encourages its students to use their time at Georgetown to prepare for futures that live out the program's motto Mentis Vita Pro Vita Mundi (the life of the mind for the life of the world).

GOFAR also oversees the Office of Fellowships and Awards, which identifies and recruits students interested in applying to merit-based national and international fellowships and scholarships; for example, the Rhodes, the Fulbright, and the Truman.