2019 – 2020

Rachel Charow, G’15, BA in Mathematics
Fulbright country: Chile
Research Project: Optimizing Solar Farm Site Selection Using Remote Sensing Technology

Schuyler Colloredo-Mansfeld, SFS’19 BS STIA
Fulbright Country: India
Research Project: Participatory Mapping of the Informal Settlements in Delhi

Susannah Dibble, SFS’18, BS IP
Fulbright Country: EU
Research Project: A Perpetual Peace Congress: Lessons from the EU’s Disparate Response to the IRA and ETA

Theodore Goetemann, G’17, BA Gov
Fulbright Country: China
Research Project: Fostering Organic Place Identity Development in Wuchang, Wuhan

Harrison Goohs, SFS’19 BS International History
Fulbright Country: Austria
Research Project: The Myth of Tyrol: The Innsbrucker Riesenrundgemälde and Tyrolean Identity

Bhavya Jha, SFS’17, BS IP
Fulbright Country: EU
Research Project: Changing EU Policies to Drive Responsible Lithium-Ion Battery Management

Saumya Kasliwal, SNHS’19, BS Human Science
Fulbright Country: Netherlands
Research Project: Using organoid technology to characterize stem cell niches contributing to T-ALL relapse

Emily Koch, G’12, BA Psychology
Fulbright Country: Vietnam
Research Project: Declining Fish Stocks and Human Security in Vietnam’s Marine Social-Ecological Systems

Alexandra Machetanz, G’20, MA Development Management and Policy
Fulbright Country: Chile
Research Project: Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Chile

Douglas McKnight, G’15, MA German and European Studies
Fulbright Country: Austria
Research Project: Persecution and Resistance: The Carinthian Slovenes, World War II, and Cultural Memory

Percy Metcalfe, SFS’19, BS Culture and Politics
Fulbright Country: Poland
Research Project: US-Polish Relations: A Question of Shared Values?

Taylor Prescott, G’19, MA Global History
Fulbright Country: Jamaica
Research Project: Resistance and Retention: Ways in Which the Maroons of Jamaica Exercised Agency

Katherine Schmidt, SFS’18, BS STIA
Fulbright Country: China
Research Project: China, Azerbaijan, and the BRI: Case Studies on Cultural Interaction

Ainsley Trahan, SFS’19, BS IP
Fulbright Country: India
Research Project: NGO practices in gender mainstreaming among migrant communities in flood preparedness

William Travers, PhD Spanish
Fulbright Country: Germany
Research Project: German as a second foreign language: A look at best practices in L3 teaching

Graham Willard, SFS’18 BS STIA
Fulbright Country: Barbados
Research Project: Making Disaster Management Inclusive: Engaging Citizens in Barbados

Jane Donnelly, G’19, BS in Biochemistry
Fulbright Country: UK
Research Project: Spectroscopic and Computational Modeling of the Role of Copper in Alzheimer’s Disease

Elizabeth Bassini, SFS’19 BS STI
Study Country: Spain
IESchool of Human Sciences &Technology in Spain, Master’s in Cybersecurity.

Camden Blatchly, COL ’19 Computer Science
Study Country: France
Master of Computer Science at Cergy-Pontoise University

Rosalie Daniels, SFS ’17 IPOL
Study Country: Israel
Master’s Degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Tel Aviv University

Laura Romero Ramirez, SFS ’18 RCST
Bi-national internship: Mexico
Gathering information on Mexico’s new political era, the country’s burgeoning technology sector, and Mexican business in a global context.

Anna Boyd, SFS ’19 Global Business
Bi-national internship: Mexico
To better understand the intersections between politics, culture, and business in Latin America.

Austin Stollhaus, SFS ’18 IPOL; Teaching Country: Brazil

Brent Peabody, SFS ’18 STIA; Teaching Country: Brazil

Ezequiel Gutierrez, SFS ’19 IPOL; Teaching Country: Brazil  

Jordan Cynewski, COL ’19 Government, Russian; Teaching Country: Bulgaria

Sophie Shoultz, SFS ’18 STIA; Teaching Country: Bulgaria

Maria Parra, SFS ’19 CULP; Teaching Country: Colombia

Cory Richardson, COL ’19 Linguistics; Teaching Country: Estonia

Julia Dutkiewicz, MSB ’19 Intl. Business, Marketing; Teaching Country: Germany

Paige Harouse, COL ’19 Theology; Teaching Country: Germany

Timothy Bradley, COL ’19 Government; Teaching Country: Germany         

Ankita Jain, GRD ’18 Physiology and Biophysics; Teaching Country: India

Helen Ahearne-Ray, SFS ’19 CULP; Teaching Country: South Korea 

Peter Johnston, SFS ’19 STIA; Teaching Country: South Korea

Kevin Gorton, MSB ‘18 Accounting, Finance, Theology minor; Teaching Country: Malaysia

Ian Scholer, SFS ’19 IPOL; Teaching Country: Mexico

Charles Budris, COL ’17 Government; Teaching Country: Montenegro

Rocio Mondragon Reyes, SFS ’19 CULP; Teaching Country: Peru

Caroline Carrothers, COL ’19 French, Spanish and Portuguese Studies; Teaching Country: Portugal

Anna Louise Campbell, SFS’ 19 CULP, Russian minor; Teaching Country: Russia

Natalia Bertuol, COL ’19 Russian; Teaching Country: Russia

Mayeesha Galiba, COL ’19 Government; Teaching Country: Serbia

Caroline Zuckerman, COL ‘17, English and Psychology, GRD ’19 M.A. in English; Teaching Country: Spain

Claire Reardon, SFS ’17 CULP, Spanish minor; Teaching Country: Spain

Emily Ressler, COL ‘18 Linguistics, Spanish minor; Teaching Country: Spain

Erin Luck, SFS ’19 IPEC; Teaching Country: Spain

Mika Skibinsky , COL ’19 Linguistics; Teaching Country: Taiwan

Nicholas Gardiner, COL ’18 Chinese, Psychology minor; Teaching Country: Taiwan

Kate Phillips, SFS ’19 STIA; Teaching Country: Uzbekistan

Alyssa  Alfonso, COL ’19 English; Teaching Country: Vietnam