Welcome to the Carroll Fellows Initiatives

The Georgetown Office of Fellowships Awards and Resources for Undergraduates (GOFAR) sponsors two Carroll Forums: in the spring for freshmen, and in the fall for sophomores.  These skill-based courses emphasize original and critical thinking, clear and persuasive writing, and effective public speaking. They are aimed at highly talented, ambitious students who wish to take the fullest advantage of exceptional resources available both from --and beyond-- the University. Interested students must apply in the fall semester of their first year at Georgetown, and if admitted, they begin the Forum in the spring of their first year. Upon completion of the program, students receive Carroll Forums transcript notation.

Students who succeed in the Forum are invited in the spring of their second year to enter the Carroll Fellows Initiative (CFI), a small, interactive community of undergraduates striking out beyond well-marked trails to explore paths that require independence, creativity, risk-taking and grit. While success in the Forum is a prerequisite for admission to the CFI, students are not required to move from the Forum into the later program. 

Established in 1996, the CFI encourages its Fellows to treat their college years as a laboratory in leadership. Defining themselves as "thinkers who do," Carroll Fellows are successful inside the established curriculum, but they are also broadly informed, independent, and effective. In every area of undergraduate life they commit to living fully the Carroll motto: Mentis Vita Pro Vita Mundi – "the life of the mind for the life of the world." Carroll Fellows follow a five-semester path that helps them to define their individual goals and to access the programs and opportunities that best suit those goals. Rather than depend on authorized routes to authorized outcomes, they forge for themselves new networks marked by independence, creativity, and risk-taking. 

Throughout their years in the program, Carroll Fellows are both intensively and extensively mentored, both by the directors of the program and by their older peers in and recent alumni of the program. For many Carroll Fellows the CFI functions as the key Georgetown experience, the one that unlocks the most challenging and rewarding opportunities. After graduation, Carroll Fellows pursue a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers in fields ranging from consulting and finance, to law and government, to science and medicine, to public service and diplomacy, to virtually all areas of the academy.