Welcome to the Carroll Fellows Initiatives

The Carroll Fellow Initiatives (CFI) is Georgetown’s flagship program for its most academically talented, diligent and, most importantly, ambitious undergraduates. It is designed to enable students, starting from their first year, to craft a distinctive collegiate experience, one that is not only highly satisfying in itself but that also prepares them for the most elite exit opportunities: for example, premier consulting firms, leading graduate and professional programs, and prestigious fellowships like the Rhodes, the Marshall, the Gates, and the Fulbright.  These are, of course, not mutually exclusive; many Carroll alumni participate, serially, in all three. Central to the program is its motto mentis vita pro vita mundi, “the life of the mind for the life of the world.” Carroll Fellows strive not only for their own success but to fight the world’s fight, using their talents, training and privilege to address the needs of a badly wounded world.

Make a gift to the CFI

Our students benefit from additional programming thanks to the kind support of our alumni, parents, and friends. To make a gift, visit giving.georgetown.edu and indicate “Carroll Fellows Initiative.” under “Other.” We are very grateful for your support.