Opportunities for Carroll Fellows

The Kluge Center at the Library of Congress

Fellows enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to serve as Research Assistants for the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress. The Kluge Center brings leading intellectuals and academics to undertake advanced research in Washington, DC. Many Kluge Scholars look for and rely on the help of Carroll Research Assistants. Students interested in becoming a Research Assistant should contact the CFI Office for more information. What do Kluge Center Research Assistant do? Read the Doing Research page to find out!

The Magis

The Magis hosts academic and social events for the CFI, creating a space for both reflection and play. These events include the Carroll Conversations, a series of student-led discussions on topics of interest to Carroll Fellows. The purpose of Carroll Conversations is to build rapport, increase face-time interactions, and intellectually engage CFI members to think in the round in a peer-to-peer context. Past topics have ranged from socioeconomic inequality in American higher education to political reforms in the Middle East.

In 2018-19 in addition to the Carroll Conversations, the Magis also facilitated a range of other activities, including a case competition and a dinner with the Jesuit community.

Carroll Scholarships

Carroll Fellows on University-based financial aid are eligible for the The Jean and John Paluszek John Carroll & GU Scholarships for Carroll Fellows, The Sara Manley Harvey (C’92) Memorial John Carroll & GU Scholarships for Carroll Fellows, and The Emily Chen Carrera (B’88) John Carroll & GU Scholarships for Carroll Fellows. 

Peer Mentoring

Beginning with the all-Fellows orientation workshops in the fall and spring terms, students in the Carroll Program enjoy participation in a community of like-minded peers, that stretches over the entire undergraduate experience. First-year Carroll Fellows also access extensive peer mentoring from students in the sophomore and senior years.

Alumni Network

The Carroll Program started in 1996; current students are connected to alumni in all the prior classes. Fellows connect with alumni through a LinkedIn group, program sponsored panel dicussions and workshops featuring alumni, and visits from prominent former Fellows to the Forum. 

Romanelli Prize

Each year, students in the Forum select two of their peers for the Elaine Romanelli Prize, named for the co-founder of the Carroll Program, Professor Elaine Romanelli in the McDonough School of Business. The prize recognizes the students who, in the eyes of their classmates, fulfill most completely the ideals of the program.