CFI Requirements

The Carroll Fellows Initiatives covers seven semesters. The program begins in the spring semester of the freshman year with the Carroll Forum, which resumes in the fall semester of the sophomore year. It culminates in the senior year with the completion of a Senior Thesis and the CRIG Project.  Students are also required to produce a Carroll Plan at regular intervals during their time in the program.


Carroll Fellows are expected to put research at the center of their academic experience. Because research techniques are field-specific, students are urged to form relationships with faculty in the discipline(s) in which they concentrate. Ordinarily, students will begin research as assistants to faculty through GUROP or a comparable program. As they acquire skills and experience, students will move on to design their own independent projects culminating in the senior thesis. 

CRIG Project

At the beginning of the sophomore year, students propose an independent project, a four-semester enterprise culminating in the senior year. Creative and risk-taking, the CRIG works to produce significant change on a frontier of human experience, moving back boundaries of inequity, injustice, exploitation, disease, ignorance, and oppression. Each CRIG is a unique individual endeavor, emerging from a student's passion, developing along with his or her gradually broadening and deepening knowledge. The CRIG is monitored throughout its four-semester duration. 

Breakdown of Program Requirements


Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
First Year First year students apply to CFI

First semester of the John Carroll Forum - an intensive class focusing on critical writing, presentation, and research skills

Students are introduced to research through the Forum Archival Project 

Ongoing independent research and required reading and writing

Forum continues.

Students prepare proposal for the CRIG

Peer mentoring of new Forum students

Development of research proposal writing skills through the completion of applications for the Lisa J. Raines Fellowship

Establishment of Carroll Plan

First stage of the CRIG

Independent research and leadership activities continue

Carroll Plan - reviewed and updated

Continuation of CRIG

Development of Senior Mentoring Project

Continuation of CRIG

Development of research proposal writing skills through the completion of applications of the Fulbright Program


Mentor sophomore Forum

Carroll Plan - reviewed and updated

Complete CRIG

Mentor first-year Forum

Complete senior thesis



All Fellows, like all undergraduates at Georgetown, are bound by the University’s Honor System and disciplinary code. Fellows are expected to maintain the highest levels of personal and academic integrity. Fellows who fail to maintain such standards will be asked to leave the Initiative.