Each of the opportunities covered on this site searches for a specific type of person suited to that scholarship, fellowship, or award. Interested students should read carefully all the details in each profile to make sure you understand exactly what is being searched for. 

However, the key emphasis in all of them falls on achievement, not merely potential. They choose individuals who have already demonstrated their skills and knowledge at a very high level of accomplishment. As a result, students should not wait to express interest and to explore a potential match between their interests and those of the sponsoring organization. 

Applicants should consider carefully the distinction between opportunities that require institutional endorsement and those that do not. The Office of Fellowships and Awards advises applicants for both types, but it is crucial that in every instance the applicant take ownership of the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in getting more information on scholarships and fellowships. How should I start?

Students interested in the process should begin by closely examining the fellowships and scholarships described on this site. Most scholarships listed have links to sites sponsored by the scholarships themselves. Students should carefully read all the materials available to them and contact the office at for more information or clarification.

Q: How far in advance should I start my application and the application process?

This depends on the opportunity for which the applicant is applying. Generally, it is never too early to begin thinking about scholarships and awards in which you are interested. The earlier and better informed you are, the more likely you are to succeed.

Q: I’m interested in more than one scholarship. How many can I apply to?

There is no limit to how many scholarships a student can apply to. Indeed, it is often advantageous for the student to apply to numerous scholarships within his or her area(s) of interest. However, in a few instances, scholarships are mutually exclusive; for example, the Beinecke and Truman or the Mitchell and the Rhodes. 

Q: I’ve already graduated from Georgetown. Am I still eligible to apply?

In most cases, yes, though many scholarships have specific guidelines for eligibility. For example, the Rhodes requires that you not be 25 years old when you matriculate and the Marshall requires that you apply within three years of graduation. Because these requirements can change, it is best to check the organization’s website for up to date details. If you have specific questions about eligibility, please contact the office at